Rusheen Stool (Súgán Stool).

A piece of Irish heritage, an heirloom for your family…. Colours chosen by you to suit your home…

The Rusheen Súgán Stool is a traditional Irish furniture design piece, a handmade heirloom gift idea for your family. 

The handcrafted Rusheen Súgán Stool is a variation of the Rusheen Súgán Chair, with the seat in the style of the traditional Irish súgán (twisted straw rope). The stool is a nostalgic but refined representation of ubiquitous Irish furniture design that will not appear twee even in the most contemporary of homes. The wooden frame is planed, sanded and the edges are radiused to give this heirloom handcrafted piece a smooth style. 

The Rusheen Súgán Stool complements the Rusheen Súgán Chair as well as the custom built Woodbofin two-inch oak topped dining table with painted ash underframe.  This dining set, or the stool as a stand-alone piece, is available in colours chosen by you to suit your home.


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