Currach – Traditional Inishbofin Design

This is the first Inishbofin design currach to be built on the Island since 1974.

The Currach are still widely used for inshore fishing because of their manoeuvrability and speed. Although there are many currachs in use on Inishbofin they have been built mainly on Inishturk and Achill and are of a slightly different design.

Originally the Currach craft were rowed by two to three men, but for many years outboard engines have been used. Now the oars are just for standby.

The Currach design has been altered slightly so it performs better with an outboard engine, mainly a deeper stronger transom.

These currachs are fully planked and were originally skinned with canvas and tar. This has been replaced by fibreglass and resin due to the use of engines and the scarcity of good quality tar.

Polyester resin is commonly used but over time separates from the planking and allows in water and debris between the skin and planking, which causes the wood to rot from the inside out.

Polyester resin has only a physical bond with the wood. However on this currach Epoxy resin was used. Its properties are superior to that of Polyester. Epoxy forms a molecular bond with the cellulose in the wood and does not separate. It’s also much more flexible and better able to cope with the expansion and contraction of the wood. The entire inside of this currach was also coated in Epoxy resin to reduce the absorption of water.

The only disadvantage to Epoxy is that it’s five times more expensive than Polyester.

Dimensions: Length: 18’6″ (5.64m)
Beam: 4’8″ (1.42m)
Transom width: 4’2″ (1.27m)