Palette Style Serving Board

This serving board is inspired by a painters palette used by artists. It can be hand held with a thumb through the hole or used simply as a serving board as seen in the photo above photograph, courtesy of MacNean Restaurant. The board is made from walnut and is treated with three coats of sesame oil. Dimensions: 290x220x11mm.

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Milking Stools

An Irish heritage piece with contemporary colours to suit your home… Versatile and ideal for serving drinks!

The Woodbofin handcrafted milking stool is a traditional Irish furniture design piece with contemporary colours to suit your home.

The Woodbofin milking stool is made from solid wood topped with 45mm thick oak, mahogany or ash – with natural ash or painted legs in beautiful Farrow & BallTM tones. The milking stools are sturdy, durable and can be used as a seat, small table or a stand for your pot plant or flowers. The stool tops are finished with a matt lacquer that enhances the natural beauty of the wood and makes your milking stool stain and mark resistant. The Woodbofin stool is a perfect perch for a hot cup of tea or a glass of wine!

Woodbofin’s unique milking stool handmade in Ireland is marked with the original Woodbofin branding iron. A timeless, classic wedding gift.

Dimensions: Height: 420mm(16.5 inches); Top Diameter: 310mm(12.25 inches)

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Seas-Suas! (Step Stool).


A perfect gift for every child, and one they won’t outgrow…

The Seas Suas is a perfect handmade gift idea for children, and one they won’t outgrow.


Woodbofin’s Seas Suas (Irish for ‘stand up’) is versatile – it can be used as a child’s step-stool, as a little seat, or indeed as a foot-stool for both children and adults. A solid and sturdy handcrafted wooden furniture piece, it instantly attracts the delight of little ones!

The Woodbofin Seas Suas is made from solid ash and is available in baby tones of pink, blue, cream and sophisticated pigeon. The Seas Suas can be custom built and painted on request and is a wonderful gift that will withstand generations of use.


L 410mm D 210mm H 200mm

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Bird Houses



A colourful gift that will bring birdsong and amusement to the owner’s garden… Durable and built to last.

The Woodbofin Bird House is a colourful handmade gift idea that will bring birdsong and amusement to its owner’s garden.

The handcrafted houses are built to last, made from waterproof plywood donning exterior quality paints and a natural slate roof. Available in a range of both vibrant and subtle colours, the Bird Houses are suitable homes for many birds including: great tits, blue tits, coal tits, and sparrows.

The Woodbofin bird house also looks beautiful as a decorative piece inside the home, on a shelf or in a child’s bedroom.

The handmade Bird Houses, sure to bring delight to all the family, are accompanied with the fixtures needed for very simple mounting on a tree, wall or any solid surface.

Suitable for: Great Tit, Blue Tit, Coal Tit, Sparrow.

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Chopping / Serving Board

Walnut and Beech Chopping Boards / Serving Board

These walnut and beech boards are designed to fit into narrow spaces. They can be pulled out by using one or two fingers. They are also balanced so they can hang on a wall and are finished with four coats of walnut oil.

Dimensions: 375 x 275 x 25mm

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Serving Board


The Woodbofin solid Oak Serving Board is handcrafted in the traditional design of the Irish country ‘butter paddle’, used in farmhouses for refining home-produced butter. This Woodbofin handcrafted piece won a place in Showcase Ireland’s Top 50 New Products in 2012.

The handmade Oak Serving Board is crafted from solid oak and finished with walnut oil. Ideal for serving a starter, cheese or a slice of cake or toast, the Woodbofin Oak Serving Board is a classic handmade gift idea.

Dimensions 300mm x 150mm

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